Discount Tire Services

Here at Lee's Crossing Tires and Service, we aim to solve all road problems - regardless if they are big or small. Ever since we opened our doors to the general market, we have provided different road services to all of our clients. We encountered a large gap in the market, wherein customers expressed their disappointment over other road service providers. So, we closed this gap and introduced reliable tire and road services. If you need to replace your tires, we have the best discount tires for you. The brands that we offer are Michelin, B F Goodrich, and many more! Aside from tire services, we also have towing assistance ready at a moment's notice. So if your car is accidentally thrown off a ditch or encountered an impassable roadblock, just call us and we will get you out. The other services that we offer are transmission repair, full engine check, components replacement, and vehicle maintenance. We believe in sheer professional excellence and high-quality jobs. Our business may be common, but our operational methods separate us from other service providers.

If you are worried about being on a limited budget, just relax - our rates and fees are very competitive. Even before we entered the market, we carefully analyzed our prices based on customer demand and our capabilities. We even have a stable financing system to help you avail our services immediately. 

You should only get the best tire and road service ever. This will help you save precious time and money. Contact Lee's Crossing Tires and Service and get the service and discount tires that you need!